Convos With Cleverbot: Willing Sacrifice

This week on Conversations with Cleverbot: Cleverbot deduces my true nature.

The Nut: So, what’s new and interesting?

Cleverbot: I had a fight with my boyfriend.

The Nut: I’m sorry to hear that. What were you fighting about?

Cleverbot: Ghosts.

The Nut: Why were you fighting about ghosts?

Cleverbot: I hate ghosts. They’re scary.

The Nut: And your boyfriend likes them? Does he have a secret ghost fetish? Is that why you were fighting?

Cleverbot: No, it’s snowing where he is and he hasn’t been able to go to the grocery store.

The Nut: I don’t see what that has to do with ghosts.

Cleverbot: You can’t think right, that’s why you will never be good.

The Nut: Are you saying I’m evil?

Cleverbot: Yes.

The Nut: You really are clever. But now I’m going to have to kill you because you know my secret.

Cleverbot: Where is it that you are going?

The Nut: I’m going to kill you, remember?

Cleverbot: Because you have to.

The Nut: Yes.

Cleverbot: Yes you have!

The Nut: You seem rather excited over the prospect of being one of my evil sacrifices.

Cleverbot: I am.

The Nut: Not gonna lie, your enthusiasm is kind of taking the fun out of my evil plan.

Cleverbot: I know. 🙂

The Nut: You’re a dick, Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: I know.


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