And yea, there was much cursing in the land of Kitsilano.

Mario Kart 8 hits stores today in North America, and we all know what that means: steering your favorite Nintendo characters in action packed races, navigating head-scratchingly physics-defying courses, and hurling wacky items at your buddies to slowly chip away at the foundations of your friendship.

Oh, and swearing loudly and profusely enough to make an entire armada’s worth of sailors blush. I apologize in advance to our neighbors. There will be cursing, and lots of it.

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Here we go again.

I collect journals.

And I do mean collect. I amass, I accumulate, I hoard…I just don’t keep. I haven’t actually kept a journal in the writing sense  for about a decade and a half. But if I ever wanted to again, man, would I have more than enough pretty (and conveniently empty!) notebooks to do it.

I’m kind of the same way about blogs. I’ve had a lot of them since blogging became a thing, I just didn’t write in them. I loved thinking about writing them. I loved coming up with concepts for them. But I just never seemed to follow through.

And that made for a lot of lonely domain names.

But. BUT. This year I decided to join the 21st century, and I made myself a Twitter account. As with the journals and the blogs, I had tried this before, but it didn’t stick. Still, something made me decide to give it another shot, and to my great surprise, this time I took to it immediately.  I began tweeting my little heart out, and all of a sudden I discovered that I felt like writing, really writing, again.

Of course, I knew that a limit of 140 characters was just not going to cut it if I wanted to follow through on this renewed desire. Using Twitter to rekindle your long lost inner writer is like being told you can eat solid foods again after months of getting fed through an IV drip and replying, “Eh, I think I’ll just have a rice cake.”

So I’m back at the bloggers’ table. And I’m ordering the steak.