Elsa, you don’t have to put on the red light.

Guys I don’t want to alarm anyone but I have a feeling times are currently tough in Arendelle, because it appears that everyone’s favorite song-belting, snow-golem-building ice queen may have resorted to… *ahem* …alternative means of bringing in revenue to the kingdom.

[insert “frozen assets” joke followed by “ba-dum-tss” here]

I dunno, maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Maybe Elsa just spent a sweaty half hour in Oaken’s trading post sauna and she needed to cool off.
On top of a culinary school sign.
Near one the busiest tourist spots in Vancouver.
Wearing a come-hither stare and not much else.

It could happen.

Either way, we get it, Elsa, the cold doesn’t bother you. Now go put on some damn pants.




Wurst. Steakout. Ever.

So I was absent-mindedly browsing Cracked.com the other day, because addiction is a terrible thing, when I saw this.

Here’s what scares me: until I noticed the broken glasses and the severed finger, I didn’t immediately realize it was from a Photoplasty contest. I just assumed some dude was actually selling questionable meat on Craigslist, because Craigslist.

Look, I found a real buyer for your fake ad! Just add freezer burn and he’ll take it, NQA.

But also because I used to work in a grocery store. And I know things, people. Things I can never unknow.

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