Introducing the Booties.

Bad news, everyone. Marilyn and James have vanished into thin air. That didn’t take long. Charilyn still remains, so I guess that’s something, but a lawn chair just isn’t quite able to contribute the same bombshell/heartthrob factor that the other two added to the yard.

Though given the Hollywoodian pair’s papery composition and my city’s knack for attracting large quantities of rain, I suppose it’s for the best.

That said, Marilyn’s wasn’t the only booty you could find around the neighborhood.

I guess Just Right Booty ran off with Goldilocks?

Have some kale.

It’s pissing rain outside and my tea’s gone cold and my brain is basically on autopilot and words are hard so here’s a picture of a raindrop in a nest of ornamental kale that I took for my photo blog because it was pretty.

I’m gonna go make another cup of tea, and if I can actually manage to drink it while it’s warm this time I’m still going to call this day a win.