Persephone got a bum rap.

Last night I cracked open my first pomegranate of the season.

It was perfection.

Except every time I eat one of these, I can’t help but think about how bullshit it was that poor Persephone got roped into spending six months of every year rotting away in the underworld just for eating six itty bitty seeds when poms are so giant and filled with HUNDREDS of the things. Surely half a fruit should equal half a year, not a scant mouthful of seeds, no?

Disproportionate punishment! Disproportionate I say!

Then again, I like winter. Perhaps I shouldn’t be campaigning for a lighter sentence for Queen P when the alternative would be eternal spring.

Sorry Persephone. If it’s between your happiness and my sweater weather, I’m gonna have to pick the option that screws you.

Maybe keep your damn mouth shut next time and we won’t have to make these hard decisions.

3 thoughts on “Persephone got a bum rap.

  1. I feel bad for Persephone being stuck in Hades–which doesn’t sound like a great place even if you’re ruler and one of the perks is control over all precious metals and gems. But isn’t it really Demeter’s fault that we have winter? She loses her daughter for half the year and says, “FINE. I’ll just freeze everything!”
    It seems like an odd reaction but I’m okay with it.

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