Everywhere I go.

Well, it took a while, but the temperature around here finally dropped to what I would consider acceptable November levels.

…and then just kept on dropping.

On Monday I went jogging in a sleeveless vest. On Wednesday I went jogging in a thick hoodie, toque (AKA beanie, to any confused non-Canuck readers) and gloves.

And now I’m at war with my brain.

Brain: Wow it got cold all of a sudden!

Me: Yeah, look, I can see my breath!

Brain: Smell that?

Me: What?

Brain: Almost smells like it could snow.

Me: *breathes deeply* Mm-hm.

Brain: You might say that it’s…

Me: No. Stop.

Brain: *giggles* …it’s…

Me: Don’t do this.

Brain: ♫♪ …it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ♫♪

Me: I’m gonna murder you with an ice pick.

That’s right, it’s only a week into November and I have Christmas music stuck in my head and it’s not even the stores’ fault because although a bunch of them already have Christmas displays up, none of them are playing holiday music yet which means my brain is just an asshole with a hard-on for Bing Crosby.

Anyone know the best pesticide for earworms?


4 thoughts on “Everywhere I go.

  1. Most of the stores in Maine had Christmas decorations right alongside the Halloween. That’s just wrong. One holiday at a time people! Lately, poor ole Thanksgiving gets shunted aside like grandma Ethel’s fruitcake. I can not even think about Christmas yet. Groan…

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