Hang in there, baby.

I can’t concentrate at all today. My stomach is in knots as I scroll through Twitter reading the good, the bad and the ugly goings-on of the U.S. midterm elections.

I can’t even start to imagine what it’s like to be there in the thick of it. The last two years with The Orange One in charge have been plenty terrifying to me and I’m just a Canuck sitting up here in America’s hat in my flannel igloo watching from the sidelines.

Three weeks ago I voted in Vancouver’s municipal election. There was no line at the polls. I wandered in, gave my voter card to a very friendly volunteer, got checked in with no issues, inked up my long paper ballot, fed it into a working scanner and went on my merry way.

I know that’s not the experience a lot of Americans are having today, and with so much more at stake.

But please hang in there, friends. Do what you gotta do. I can’t vote with you, but I will cheer you on until my voice gives out.


3 thoughts on “Hang in there, baby.

  1. I can’t remember a time where midterms were so nerve wracking – midterms for crying out loud! Plenty of times in the past they were tense, but not like this. I’m still trying to decompress from the whole thing. I didn’t have to wait long in line, really, but watching other states”struggle” with the basics (some not even hiding the suppression) was infuriating. Some things were clawed back, but it feels like there’s a very long way to go. A flannel igloo sounds perfect right now!

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