Not long now.


It’s almost here.


Me? I’m armed and ready. Let’s fuckin’ do this.

8 thoughts on “SOON.

  1. Wait! Where did the year go? I’m not ready yet. I haven’t even started making lists of gifts I want to give and I haven’t sent out cards yet and are those long holiday letters telling everyone what you’ve done over the past year still a thing?
    Oh, wait, Hanukkah doesn’t start until December 24th this year. That’s a relief. I still have time.

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    • I don’t know if those long holiday letters are still a thing. Now you’ve got me wondering. There was one member of my extended family who insisted on sending them every year but we seem to have somehow conveniently lost touch.

      I’m sure by now they’ve moved onto clickbait-style articles. “The Joneses Thought They Were Going On Just Another Regular Old Skiing Holiday In The Alps. You Won’t BELIEVE What Happened Next!”

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  2. You should know that you’ve inspired me: I was planning on doing a red and gold tree this year (or maybe all gold? I hadn’t got all the kinks worked out, honestly) but now I’m 80% certain I’m doing red and green and gold with some of those baked cinnamon ornaments so my whole tree smells like a freakin’ cookie.

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