I’m not as think as you flunk I am.

My new copy of Jurassic Park has so many typos in it that I’m starting to wonder if the editors just texted the damn thing to the publisher and let AutoCorrect handle all the spelling and grammar.

Then again, maybe I’m just being too much of a pedant. I’m sure in non-grammar-Nazi circles they’re all perfectly cromulent substitutions.

After all, who could ever forget Auguste Rodin’s famed masterpiece, The Flunker?

Or René Descartes’ immortal philosophical proposition, “I flunk, therefore I am”?

And who hasn’t been told, at some point or other in their life, to try flunking outside the box?

Clearly I’m just over-rotating.





14 thoughts on “I’m not as think as you flunk I am.

  1. I flunk editor/proofreader is the career I was meant for – I don’t think I’ve read any books lately without at least a couple of typos. A book is forever; it should be perfect! It drives me nuts, getting yanked out of the story like that.

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  2. It always amazes me when I see obvious typos in novels by major publishing companies. You’d flunk that MIchael Crichton would have been given a copy and that he’d be like, “Hey! Reprint this shit. Correctly.”

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    • Why is it so much easier to miss those when it’s our own writing? I’m forever catching my own mistakes long after publishing. I flunk perhaps I may a little too judgmental when it comes to critiquing the typos of others.

      But it’s such fun. 😉


  3. If you hadn’t provided the broader context I would have thought “flunk” was substituted for a completely different word.
    And it would be very unsettling to consider that even if Malcolm didn’t flunk much of Arnold there was still some part he flunked regularly.

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