Orange eternal.

I don’t usually give the opinions of produce the time of day, but I think this tiny pumpkin’s onto something.

Although I admit I’m really enjoying November – in no small part because of my brain’s sudden and unexplained decision to give me time off from my clinical depression – there’s just something about October and its lead-up to All Hallow’s Eve that makes it feel like a fuller, more robust month to live in.

So I’m with the tiny pumpkin. Halloween forever!

3 thoughts on “Orange eternal.

  1. That pumpkin makes me angry. It makes me so angry I want to stab it repeatedly with a large knife while harsh violin music plays. I want to make it bleed and then I want it to stand up on little pumpkin arms and legs and I want it to shamble toward me emitting a low moan and I want to take a shotgun and blow its tiny pumpkin brains out and then dance on its grave–just a jump to the left, then a step to the right…
    Halloween is special because it only comes once a year. Do not ask us to take it for granted, little pumpkin. The very idea is terrifying.

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