8 thoughts on “Snapchat gets me.

  1. Love the pics–it’s like having you on either shoulder: “Should I have another glass of wine or not?” I also remember the joy of eating a hole in a piece of bread then using it for a mask. God, we were weird kids…

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  2. Yesss, I am all about the filters!!! Honestly, I mostly just take pictures of myself with different filters for myself instead of sending pictures to other people but that’s only because my closest friends think they’re too cool or busy or some crap for snapchat… lame. The only filter I don’t understand is that one that makes everything kinda pink and blue but like sepia-toned sorta? Idk, I don’t get it lol

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    • I think I know the one you mean. I find that one depends entirely on the lighting. Sometimes it makes me look amazing, sometimes it’s just weird. And I can’t decide whether to be appreciative or offended about its built-in face slimming effect. What if I WANT pink and blue chipmunk cheeks? What then?

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      • Hahahaha I didn’t even know it did that!!! What happens to people with long skinny faces I wonder? But I guess Snapchat just assumes all of us have fat faces. Also, is being pink and blue a quality one wants? There might be a slightly racist element for those of us not Smurfs or My Little Ponies…


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