According to my data, algae is the least of Rio’s pool problems.

So I’ve been catching the occasional Olympic event here and there, and all I can say is if I’m ever in Rio, I’m avoiding their pools like the plague…which they probably also contain.

You know what’s worse than pee in the pool?

Shouldn’t they be in the #2 spot?

Know what’s possibly even grosser than that?

Ick. Looks like the real winner here was the no-show from Hungary.

Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

Naturally I offer my sincerest apologies for making sport of Ms. Shi and Mr. Makovich, although I think we can all agree that it’s the parents who are really to blame here for not fully researching their choice of baby name and any resulting abbreviations/initial combos in every human language ahead of time just to make sure it would never someday translate as something unfortunate at the Olympic Games. It’s called planning, people.

Sorry also to Mr. Feck, who just so happened to be in the right place at the right time to indulge me in one of my favorite hobbies: pausing footage of male divers so that they look naked. (Oh , and my condolences on those scores.)

The dive may have scored low, but the bod is a solid YUM out of 10.

What’s been everyone else’s favorite part of the games?

14 thoughts on “According to my data, algae is the least of Rio’s pool problems.

  1. Sarcastic answer:
    The awesome coverage of guys who are still competing in spite of being so old–like in their late twenties and early thirties–which is annoyingly interrupted by mentions of women breaking some world records or something.

    Honest answer:
    The Olympic games, a world event more than a century old, are being held on a continent where it’s never been held before. Rio has problems but symbolically it’s a big step for South America. Here’s hoping we see Olympic games held in Africa in the next decade.

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    • We all know that if women really deserved the spotlight at the Games they would be trashing convenience stores and making up fake robbery stories to cover for it. I mean, yeah, you’ve trained for years to get yourself into peak physical shape, but that doesn’t sell newspapers. Think outside the box and take some initiative, GAWD.

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  2. My favorite part of the Olympics was when Hope Solo got tossed out of soccer for calling the opposing team “cowards,” but didn’t even get a slap on the wrist when she beat her nephew, resulting in domestic violence charges.
    Oh, wait. That’s not my favorite part. Silly me.
    For serious, though, I’m loving how strong these women are, kicking ass, breaking records, and calling out all the sexism. It’s been good.

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