Six more weeks of bitter.


Ah, the 2nd of February, the day when we are just demoralized enough after the dreariness of January to entrust our weather forecast for the coming months to a large, notoriously unreliable rodent who would much rather just be sleeping.

Word has it that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow today, meaning there will not be six more weeks of winter.

This didn’t surprise me in the slightest, because what fucking winter?

Yeah, yeah, my fault for living in Vancouver, mild climate, blah blah blah, but still. I’m tired of leaving the rink after my Wednesday night skating sessions only to feel like I stepped off the ice and into the tropics.

I crave snow. I crave cold. I crave being able to spend more than two minutes outside without ending up drenched in sweat and having to take three layers off because silly me, I dressed for a season that apparently doesn’t exist anymore.

Is winter still a thing in Antarctica? I’m seriously considering picking up and moving there, assuming it hasn’t melted yet.


16 thoughts on “Six more weeks of bitter.

  1. Just for shits and grins I pulled up the two-week forecast for Vancouver and it shows temperatures hovering around the 50 degree mark. So you’re right– looks like you’re SOL if you want snow this winter. So then I pulled up Juneau’s weather because I was like, “Looks like you’ll need to head North! to Alaska! (sing song lyric in your head) if you want cold weather”. But you know what? The weather there is in the mid-40’s right now. Sorry darlin’. Looks like it’s Siberia for you if you want truly cold weather. I’ll help you learn key important Russian phrases if you should decide to go…

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  2. We got eight inches of snow here. I know in Canada that’s a light dusting, but this far south it’s enough to shut down everything. And then within three days it was almost all gone.
    It was nice while it lasted, although I hadn’t been to the store before it hit and, well, the eggs went pretty quickly and the milk was rapidly going and don’t get me started on the bread.

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    • We only got 1cm this year, because Vancouver thinks it’s special and doesn’t have to follow the same winter rules as the rest of Canada. Haven’t seen any kind of decent accumulation in this city since 2008, but I keep the cupboards well-stocked with emergency cocoa mix just in case.

      You know, because I’m such an optimist.

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  3. Oh my effing lordie, yes! I’m a Midwesterner, and I love me some snow, but I moved to America’s deep South, and every. single. g.d. day. I’m like, “WHY IS THE SUN SHINING? THIS IS STUPID! SHUT UP, SUN!” I NEED me some 32 degree days, at the least. I need me some snow. I need to wear coats and scarves, because my body was meant to be hidden. And I don’t mean that in a “Oh-I’m-So-Self-Conscious” way (although I am.) But coats and scarves need their time in the limelight, too. As long as that light isn’t too damn warm.

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    • okay, the glasses are over there on the shelf, no doubt smirking at me, but
      you left the ice rink! sooooo co Incidental! i left ours last night (11 p.m.) and it was ray-ning. albeit not cold, nor warm. and no doubt yoove read that winter is less so in antarctica.
      and i should more-frequently re-remember Red Green, especially the keeping the stick on the ice part. i possibly would make more saves …


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