NanoPoblano, Day 10: Keep calm and giggle like a naughty child.

Yesterday’s 4am wake-up call was, perhaps, not my finest moment in the challenging world of responsible adulting, but I’d like to think I’m recovering nicely.

I spent the evening playing video games on Steam.

And swearing. Profusely.

(Note to self: when playing Ori and the Blind Forest again after a long hiatus, go wander around somewhere pretty for a while to get back into the swing of things. If you decide to be a dolt and jump right into the Ginso Tree escape first thing, you’re gonna have a bad time.)

This morning I followed up in equally mature measure by laughing hysterically for several minutes over an Indigo candle ad on Facebook.

Sorry, guys, but I just can’t take a product called “Sugar Bush” seriously. It sounds like the name of a sassy waxing salon, or a hillbilly term of endearment. And yes, I’m aware the phrase exists legitimately on a non-juvenile level, but come on, Indigo marketing team. You know what humans are like.

I am tickled to have been included in Rarasaur’s “Mystery Warehouse” selection of NanoPoblano posts. And while she claims she has chosen “randomly selected present tense verbs from randomly selected posts…entirely out of context, with no regard to whether or not they represent the post or the blogger” as our signifiers, I’m not sure anyone can argue that my crate stamp of “JOIN THE CIRCUS” isn’t at least a somewhat apt description of my blog as a whole.

I highly recommend stopping by Ra’s warehouse and reading something or three, if only to help yourself stop snickering about sugar bushes.

Just me?

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