NanoPoblano, Day 5: Remember, remember the 5th of NyQuil.

Guys, I am siiiiiiiiiiiiick.

Some lovely person on the plane obviously believed in sharing, but instead of passing around the matcha KitKats they got in bulk at the Akihabara Tax Free shop on the way to our airport gate, they opted for airborne viruses instead.

I meant to catch up on my fellow NanoPoblano Peppers’ blogs today, as well as everyone else’s posts I missed during my trip to the land of sushi, soba and limited WiFi, but I just spent 16 hours in a NyQuil induced coma, so I have a feeling that ain’t gonna happen.

More likely I’ll slurp some soup, watch V for Vendetta, take another hit of legal drugs and then conk right out again.

Denis Leary would understand.


6 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, Day 5: Remember, remember the 5th of NyQuil.

  1. Get better soon and keep focusing on that giant Q. Denis Leary was the first thing I thought about when I saw NyQuil in the title.
    And enjoy V For Vendetta. Maybe under the circumstances it should be Q For Quadrimanous, a word that, according to the OED, means “ape-like, esp. in destructiveness”.
    What I’m saying is get all quadrimanous on your cold.

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