NanoPoblano, Day 4: How to make a shitty day better in 3 easy YouTube views.

Today sucked.




It was my first day back at work after our week in Japan (more to come about that once I get off my ass and go through my photos).

I spent those 8 1/2 hours
1) wishing I was back in Japan,
2) almost falling asleep at my keyboard only to suddenly jolt awake,
3) catching up on a week’s worth of old work,
4) dealing with a shitstorm of new work,
5) trying not to cry because I missed being on vacation, and
6) trying not to cry because I missed sleeping.

I normally skip lunch so I can go home earlier, but today was one of those days when you just 100% need something warm and comforting to eat to remind you that the world isn’t an entirely terrible place. So I headed over to Timmy’s for a healing dose of their chicken noodle soup – which is so consistently delicious and satisfying that I’m pretty sure the secret ingredient is witchcraft – and after draining my bowl I felt a little better, except on my way out the door I saw someone take one single bite out of their gorgeous, fresh, chocolate dipped donut and then throw the rest away, filling me with so much irrational rage that it overpowered the soup magic, and just like that I was back to square one.

So I went back to work and repeated steps 1-6 some more, and then I drove home in the dark, because FUCKING NOVEMBER. (I love you, Autumn, really I do, but is it so much to ask that I get to enjoy some daylight during non-working hours?)

When I got home, I had two options:

1. Sulk for a couple of hours until Nutty Hubby came home to cheer me up.

2. Watch my three ultimate mood-boosting YouTube videos, in increasing order of NSFWness, and let Nutty Hubby return to a pleasant wife succumbing to fits of giggles rather than a one-woman pity party.

I went with Option 2.

If you need a little Option 2 yourself today, the instructions are as follows:

1. Watch this:

2. Then watch this:

3. Finally, kick any impressionable youngsters, judgy relatives, and/or persons lacking a juvenile sense of humor out of the room, and then watch this:

Works every time.

13 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, Day 4: How to make a shitty day better in 3 easy YouTube views.

  1. I watch feel good movies, not short videos. There are some titles that I own on DVD and own for streaming on Amazon because I don’t want to be without them when I “need” them.


  2. To answer your question, yes, I am thoroughly entertained. Thank you! I particularly liked the disco-ball codpieces. It’s something I had never seen before. I didn’t know how lacking my life was until that moment. Oh, and the chocolate donut in the trash makes me so angry. At a complete stranger. In another country. Well done.

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  3. I feel your pain. Last month I came back to work from a 2 week vacation to South Africa. Not fun, but at least there was still some daylight left when I’d leave work at night. Coffee, soup, donuts….all help. 🙂 I watched the first video at my desk, will save the other two for when I get home tonight. I’m sure I’ll be entertained!

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  4. I’m in tears in the best way. It’s almost annoying because sometimes you need to have a bad day for cathartic reasons but after the erection song I don’t know if it will ever be possible for me to be sad again. Okay, it might wear off eventually, but for now I’m just too close to it.

    And it’s so huge how could you not be close to it?

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