NanoPoblano, Day 1: Fall back fail.

The end of daylight saving time is upon us once again.

As much as I think the whole daylight saving thing is a crock, I do look forward to “falling back” every year. However outdated and pointless I may feel something to be, if it lets me sleep another hour longer then it still gets my hypocritical stamp of approval.

“Springing forward” in March can, of course, go fuck itself.

I’ve never attempted an empirical study on whether or not the extra “fall back” hour actually does me any measurable good. But as far as my perpetually exhausted brain is concerned, our annual re-do of the hour preceding 2am (whose bright idea was the 2am thing anyway?) is the closest thing to heaven I might ever reach.

I pine for that hour each autumn. I stalk it on my calendar like an insomniac lion would stalk a gazelle made of Ambien.

I…completely miss out that hour because Fall Back 2015 just so happens to take place while I’m on vacation in Asia, and Japan don’t do DST.


But hey, we’re still on holiday, right? What should we do to relax instead of turning the clocks back?

I know! How about a date with Tokyo Disneyland…in costume?
Disneyland? Costumes? AWESOME!
It’s going to be packed, though. If we’re going to get into the park we’ll need to get there by 7am. Which means we need to be up before 5am to catch the right trains…
Okay, less awesome.
…after a late night of Hallowe’en partying in the streets of Shibuya.


6 thoughts on “NanoPoblano, Day 1: Fall back fail.

  1. My son woke up at 2:30 am EDT which actually was 1:30 am EST. He’s napping now that the sun is super bright and my neighbor is mowing his yard.
    In other words, I’ve suffered from a fall back fail as well.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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  2. You’re on vacation. Ain’t it amazing how you can do crazy things like stay up half the night and still get up and get going the next morning without any problem?
    It must be the difference between doing stuff you want to do and stuff you feel obligated to do.

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