Quoth The Nut: Day 3

Last day of quoting.

You know the rules.

You know the instigator.

So let’s get right to it.

Today’s quote is courtesy of a customer I had once during my retail days. A short and to the point reminder that your attitude is what you make it.

I couldn’t help but laugh. You had to at least admire the old guy for his candor. Lord knows we’ve all had those days where we’re just determined to take everything the wrong way; be down in the dumps; avidly pursue a state of dissatisfaction. Sometimes there’s a odd kind of pleasure to be found in rendering oneself deliberately unhappy.

And that’s okay once in a while – just so long as we don’t make a habit of it.

The world has enough career grumpypusses already.

6 thoughts on “Quoth The Nut: Day 3

  1. Something else that can be said for Grumpypuss McShopper: cleverly stating one’s miserableness can make other people happy. Or sometimes not so cleverly stating it. I used to work in customer service and would occasionally pass the owner of the company. “Good morning!” I’d say to him, and he’d always snap, “What’s good about it?”
    His net worth was greater than that of most small countries, but he really showed how true the expression “money can’t buy happiness” is.

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    • I was always wary of the well-to-do types because they were by far the most likely to waste ten minutes of my time bitching over a twenty cent difference between their preferred brand of canned tuna and the not-their-preferred brand that was currently on sale.

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  2. My mother once asked for a smile at McDonalds when it used to be on the menu. The reply was ‘that’s not my job’. My mother, always wanting to get her way (I know, I know, therapy will help…), insisted because it was on the menu. The employee asked a manager to provide the smile for us. Good times.

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  3. Think of the expression “I’ll treat” , meaning I’ll pay for your (dinner, movie ticket, etc.)

    “How’s the world treating you?”
    “It’s not treating me, it’s making me pay!”

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  4. My favourite quote from a customer (whom I had just refused a refund on a microwave because he’d used it – it was full of bits of rice and curry) was ‘Oh just fuck off will you, you tight bastard’
    I’ve never had such a directly rude quote since. I’ll treasure it forever.


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