“You shouldn’t have…”: Father’s Day edition.

Dear Hudson’s Bay Company,

You have quite obviously never met my father, Lord of the Beige Socks.

Try again.

The Nut


DadCat is displeased with your offering.


13 thoughts on ““You shouldn’t have…”: Father’s Day edition.

  1. Your father and DadCat may not want those socks, but I do. I’m very lucky to have married a knitter (or rather a woman who would become a knitter after we’d been together for more than two decades) who makes me wonderful socks.
    And then I think about how readily available wacky patterned socks are now and it kind of depresses me. There was a time when being weird took some effort.
    Thanks Hudson Bay Company. You’ve convinced me to go without socks.

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    • Nah, there are other ways to up your level of weird to stay ahead of the trends. Just start wearing your wacky socks as ties or something. Or sew a bunch of them together to make a suit jacket. Your wife could even do fancy decorative edging for the cuffs and lapels. The possibilities are endless!


  2. Hmmmmm… besides Christopher, I’m thinking that the market for wild-and-crazy mens’ socks is a bit on the small side. I can’t imagine my husband or father or boss (or even 7yo old son) wanting socks like this. Somone at Hudson Bay is getting their ass canned when the final Father’s Day sales numbers come in.

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  3. If I got those for myself, do you think anyone would guess they were really men’s socks?


    Wearing Mismatched Neon Socks Today (and not a father!)

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