No good fortune goes unpunished.

Nutty Hubby: Apparently not only is today the equinox, but there was a total solar eclipse. The catch? It was only viewable from Europe.

Me: Whatever. One day we’ll be rich enough for me to chase interesting natural phenomena. You hear that, eclipses? One lottery win for us and then NO ESCAPE FOR YOU.

Nutty Hubby: Thanks, you’ve doomed us to an enormous solar flare which wipes out all electronics on Earth the day we win the lottery.

Me: You’re welcome.


Sorry, Earth, but a winner without WIFI is still a winner.



6 thoughts on “No good fortune goes unpunished.

  1. I live in the UK and was watching the eclipse. It was cloudy and so I only managed an ominous picture of a smily face in the sky. I don’t think you missed much this time. Next total eclipse is in 2026 apparently so plan ahead!


  2. Years ago Forbidden Planet became one of my favorite movies because of one of the first scenes: the skipper played by Leslie “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Nielsen remarks how amazing it is that their spaceship can arrange its own eclipses. And I loved it that the jaded space guys were still awed by the spectacle.

    Forget traveling the world. Put that lottery money into a spaceship that you can pilot around. And as a bonus you’ll be safe from that enormous solar flare.


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