A whole brand spankin’ new New Year and I’m already tired.

Maybe sushi will help.

I may or may not have stayed out until 2am light painting for my photo blog

What’s everyone else up to on this first fabulous day of having to remember to write 2015 on everything?


11 thoughts on “Ooh…Ahh…Zzz…

  1. I trashed four huge bags of VCR tapes today, because who needs those in 2015? I’m pretty sure my husband will start speaking to me again by 2016. Cool photo, I was not familiar with light painting. Excellent job with the tags, too! 🙂


      • No jokes…I was around before VCRs were even a thing. And right this moment my husband is in the other room watching JFK for the 87,000th time on the VCR. I let him keep his ten favorites in order to keep my sanity. Plus, our wedding video and my beloved copy of Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas. 🙂


        • Haha. A couple of years ago I bought a VHS of one of my husband’s favorite childhood movies for his birthday. A brand new goddamn factory sealed copy I found on eBay.

          It was kind of like finding the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail or something, only nobody’s face melted off.

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    • I’m kind of annoyed that zombies have gotten so popular. Now the zombie apocalypse will never happen because too many people are ready for it. We’ll get stuck with something like an asteroid annihilating us or aliens blowing us up to make room for a hyperspatial express route instead and I’ll never get to practice my sniper skills on the living dead.


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