The return of Madam Rorschach.

Remember how I told you about Madam Rorschach’s unsavory oeuvres d’art? And how she was coming back from vacation after two weeks of the office toilet being spoiled spotless?

Well, either she was suffering from a creative block (mental or physical, take your pick) or just decided to give the toilet and I a grace period to readjust to her presence, because her first week back came and went without any new additions to the Sistine Crapper. And silly me, I made a terrible mistake. I got my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, she had had some miraculous epiphany during her time away and realized that the art world was not for her after all.

Live and learn, people, live and learn. Because today I discovered…

This is what I get for being an optimist.

Even so, I’m suitably impressed that she made it through a whole week without any displays of shartistry. Maybe I’ll bake her a cake to commemorate the achievement.

Although a bran muffin might be more appropriate.

5 thoughts on “The return of Madam Rorschach.

  1. NO! Not a BRAN MUFFIN!! Take her a bouquet of bananas rolled in crushed Immodium… that is, if you’d prefer your potty sans the shart-gallery (at what point can we start calling her Shite-Bright?).
    I am inclined to agree with above – super-frickin-funny!
    If that was MY office bathroom, I would DEFINITELY hang that sign on the mirror; just like I did with the “Stop bathing in the sink” sign (Showers, Spies & Crusty Microwaves on my blog). 🙂


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