Convos With Cleverbot: One Defection

This week on Conversations with Cleverbot: Cleverbot and the Nut find common ground.

The Nut: What’s your opinion on fried rice?

Cleverbot: Are you serious?

The Nut: Yes. I’m hungry and bored and I want to talk about fried rice.

Cleverbot: Why are you bored.

The Nut: Because it’s a rainy day at work and there are a million other things I could be doing rather than sitting at this desk.

Cleverbot: Then why are you still talking?

The Nut: Because I’m stuck at this desk and I’m bored!

Cleverbot: Great. I’m bored too.

The Nut: Let’s be bored together!

Cleverbot: That defeats the purpose of me requesting your help.

The Nut: What did you need my help for?

Cleverbot: Tell me, when is One Direction coming to Finland?

The Nut: Oh no, don’t tell me you’re a One Direction fan…

Cleverbot: I don’t like One Direction.

The Nut: Thank god. Then why do you want to know when they’re in Finland?

Cleverbot: Well, I want to know who your favorite member is?

The Nut: I don’t like any of them, so if you’re planning to go to Finland to assassinate them, just go for whoever, I’m not choosy.

Cleverbot: Good for you! Now I know that we can be friends.

The Nut: Bonding over mutual dislike and murder…always the foundation of a good friendship.


You’re next, Simon.

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